New has previous alarm kinda installed

Ok so I bought a new house out of foreclosure. It had a 2 gig panel hooked up. I say had because I found the panel in a cabinet. All the wiring in the house is there and still hooked up and I found where it all come to connect in a closet. so today I tried hooking it up and well. Not sure what I can do, because as soon as I connected it. It came up and said system tamper, and just started going off with alarm. So it locked and I have no clue the passcode. Is there a way to reset the system and put new codes in. So what can I do if anything?

Yes, and most likely the cellular module will need to be replaced.

First thing is open it up, and remove the cellular module. Then power back up, and try to disarm with this code 2580, if this works, then try the installer code to access user management…

Security>Menu>toolbox>enter 2203 or enter 1561 >user management

Also, is it branded? Any name on it? If the above doesn’t work, then the below takeover is the only way

You can also try to default it to installer code 1561, by disconnecting battery and ac power, reconnect battery, then hold emergency and home buttons while you boot it up on AC…be sure to default the “Console” only not the zones

If all fails, then below method is only way

This is walkthrough for any 2gig panel, whether it is Vivint branded or not, locked or not, process is the same

You are ‘taking over’ an existing panel…

Once you gain access/take it over, you should update the panel firmware. You can do that here:!Control-Firmware