New GC3 not powering - 14 Vs at panel


Just installed my new GC3 but it’s not powering up. I do have 14 volts at the panel and the back up battery is connected. Is there anything I’m missing? Anything I can try?


Can you post a photo of the power wires at the GC3 input terminals?

Here you go.I measured power from the setscrew side.

Photo is too big. Any idea on how to resize it for the forum?

Lets try this…

Aha, thank you. The power wires look like they are screwed down into the currently unused Smoke terminals.

In the photo, the power terminals are on the left terminal block. Check the label inside.

Wow, talk about feeling like an idiot. Wires have been placed in the correct spot and panel is powered. Please delete this thread. Lol!

Thansk for the quick help.

Great catch Warren!

Thankfully it appears these panels are forgiving and applying 14 volts to the smoke terminals didn’t “smoke” the panel.