New GC3 Firmware - WiFi Support!


According to another forum post, version 3.0.2 of the 2GIG GC3 firmware is out, and adds support for WiFi. Anyone load this up yet? I’m waiting for the Surety folks to give us the green light before I try this out.


You are correct! We’ll be testing quick and posting on the GC3 Firmware thread today. A link can be found here.

One caveat: dual path through with the GC3 is not yet tested and compatible. This will need to be enabled by ADC before the wifi support improves command latency, etc.

So what does the WiFi provide if not dual path through

It will provide dual path. It is just not yet fully tested and enabled in ADC we’re told. Wifi is simply enabled on the panel, you can get it connected to your wifi and ready for when dual path is enabled.

It may be a method of communication for certain peripherals in the future, but that remains to be seen.

I’ve installed this on panels, and while there are strangely no release notes on the dealer site, you go into the toolbox and can setup WiFi. You have manual and auto choices. There however is nothing apparent that you can do with WiFi now, and if you do connect via Web browser to the IP via HTTP (80), nothing shows up.

Jason, have you found release notes for 3.0.2?

Release notes are not available yet on 2GIG’s website. We’ve requested them.

Any update on 2GIG GC3 V3.0.2 firmware with WiFi support? I looked but did not see an update post on the GC3 Firmware tread.

Also, when do you think we will be able to get a copy of the updated firmware to download and install?


The first post by Jason above has the link to the new firmware.

I tried the link in the first post from Jason above and do not see a link in it to the new firmware (2gig GC3 v.3.0.2).


Click on his last sentence that says “A link can be found here.”

When I click on “a Link can be found here”, a bunch of characters are displayed all over the screen. It does not go to a screen with a link on it to perform a download?

For me on a mac it downloads directly. Maybe try another browser?

That worked. I changed my browser from Windows 10 Microsoft Edge to Chrome and the download worked just fine.

Thank you.

Now we just need the release notes. Any idea when they will come out and when you will support Wifi?

My cell signal has low bars and am excited about WiFi connectivity.

The latest release notes from 2GIG are for 3.0.1. We have requested them from 2GIG for 3.0.2. Release notes would be posted here.

There is no ETA for dual path support for the GC3 that we can provide, though I would not imagine it would be very long.

I can confirm that the tempature sensors still don’t work with this version :slight_smile:

Thank you for the update. In case we hear to expect otherwise, what is the revision of your ADCT2000? (Hold up while off)

version 1.50

Interesting release notes:

Looks like WiFi is for secondary touchscreen, not dual path. Also they are going to be releasing an LTE cell sled (too bad I just bought the 3G one).


Yep, release notes are now up on here.

I had assumed they would be looking at a wifi solution for the touchscreen panels, so this is fairly expected, though I have to doubt there is no intention of dual path. That doesn’t make a lot of sense. It is likely just not available as of yet.

It is good to see all of the additional Z-wave support!

Yes, LTE sleds are being released. The GC2 likewise has an LTE module now compatible with 1.17 firmware.