New Attic Attenna Needed?

Currently, I have this radio module installed 2gig GCCDMV CDMA Cell Radio

As I understand it, this will no longer work in 2020. Could you confirm? Hoping this is not true

If I change it, do I have to change the attic antenna as well? I dont know what I have up there, but it works great with my verizon cell radio. I think the new 2GIG-ANT5XL-GC2 came out for Verizon 4G LTE and am wondering if I change the cell radio to 4G LTE if the existing attic antenna will not work properly.

It will be a pain to swap out attic antenna and hoping I can keep existing.

Existing CDMA communication modules can, as of now, remain functional for most users through December 2022.

Verizon CDMA is undergoing a service sunset and a new module would be required to continue signaling after that.

The 2GIG LTE module uses two antennae which are included with the communication module. Both must be used. Note that 4G coverage will not be identical to the CDMA coverage and may not necessitate an attic antenna. However the existing antenna should not be used.

Thank you. What do the existing antennas look like? Do they just go behind the wall and in the panel? No more attic antenna?

The 2GIG-ANT5XL-GC2 is an attic antenna for the LTE module.

The LTE module comes with two antennae with 8-inch cables. One is placed in-wall, the other in-panel. If you have an older model panel with a 2G sized antenna cutout both could go in-wall.