New ADC doorbell and remote temp sensors

So I know that door bell is around the corner. any dates yet?

I also heard that new ADC remote temp sensors are in work. it should have live temp update and be able to read humidity and info on them?

I don’t have an availability estimate on those yet. I’m excited to set up the new doorbell myself.

No info on potential temp/humidity sensors.

Looks like new door bell has been released. Show to be available for order on monday the 16 on my B36 portal. Here is new model: ADC-VDB770. Let me know when you guys will have it available. I buy one from you for warranty purposes.

great! any details, pricing?

No just stating that will be available.

ahh ok, maybe they’ll release the “data sheet” when its officially for sale tomorrow.

Good bye are they days where my front tree sets off the triggers because of a little wind.

Yes, I can’t wait, I hate my skybell.

@jwcsurety do you guys order directly from or distributor? Looks like they are available through portal

Just order one, will let you know how is it in few days.

@adamf79 How do you access the portal u speak of to purchase one? How much did it cost?


I’m a Building36 dealer, that is under umbrella. I can’t share dealer pricing. Sorry

I can’t discuss internal processes much here. I think it will be probably a day or two before I have an ETA.

(I have done testing with one, it is definitely an upgrade over the Skybell, only downside I see is just that it requires analytics as it only uses analytics for motion detection)

@jwcsurety I just cancel my order. I rather deal with you guys if anything g warranty will have to be done. I’m only b36 dealer till the end of this month. We have cut ties. Do you think you guys may have them for sale by the end of the week?

I gotcha. No problem.

That’s possible, but I apologize I won’t have definitive info on that until tomorrow or Weds.

Do you think you guys may have them for sale by the end of the week?

Unfortunately this doesn’t look likely. This product will probably be available through our distribution sometime in mid December from what I have heard.

@jwcsurety I know you mention that you wont have them till the middle of the December. Is that still correct ? looks like some online distributors already carry unit in stock.

Yep, reliable stock is expected in December. This may change, but that is what we expect currently.

I see some online retailers selling the new doorbell to the general public. Will @jwcsurety have them for sale this week as well?

Expected in mid December.