New Activation Problems

I activated a new monitoring today, my installation code is no longer working and my temporary password is not valid.

The toolbox access code SuretyDIY assigned when I ordered the equipment is not longer valid, was it changed?

And the temp password, does it take a while to activate?

I’m currently having the same issue. I accidentally armed the system and the code I thought I used was incorrect. I had to unplug the system and remove the battery. Gonna call in the morning. Hopefully it’s because the account hasn’t been set up yet.

When you order new service for equipment you already have, as directed in your welcome email, the installer code is changed after the initial cell phone test. The new installer code and instructions on changing it to one of of your liking are also both included in your welcome email. Do either of you need your welcome email resent?

Yes, if you could please resend my Welcome email it would be greatly appreciated. I set the alarm off and had no idea how to shut it off. I also need to log into

Matthew, it looks as though you purchased service late last night, so your order has not yet been processed which is why you have not received a welcome letter (and unfortunately, that means I can not resend it :wink: )

Also worth noting is that our office is closed for the holiday (along with most police offices, with whom we verify emergency dispatch information), so our data entry team is not setting up new accounts today. Even if your account was already set up, you’ll need to have your master code or installer code to run a cell phone test to complete the connection process after your order for service is processed and you receive your welcome email with instructions.

If your alarm is going off and you do not have the code, you may need to let the alarm time out (this is usually 4 minutes, painful I know). Did you get this system from someone else from whom you can get either the current installer, master or any user code?


I think I may be able to help you recover the user/master code and Installer code (and in the event panel is locked out, suretycam can take care of that once you have an activated cellular module online)

If in the event you have an active alarm going off, and do not know the user code to disarm it, there is a code that may work (assuming panel is not actively monitored), try disarming alarm with 1111, or 2580

Let me know,and if so, is there a name on panel, or screen logo?

Try the defaults first (1561 and 2203), right corner of screen is a logo (e.g., “Go!Control”, or " Vivint", etc), touch it and enter one of the two codes above, did it accept it?

Else try a console reset (unplug AC,open panel, disconnect battery,then while holding both emergency and home button, plug back in/reconnect AC.). If Q45 is unlocked, you will see a reset screen (console and zones), make sure only console is selected. If it successfully resets console Q’s, installer code should be 1561

Once you have the installer code (even if you cant access system configuration/programming), you can use it to recover the Master User code.

Ryan I am ok with my installer code now. How about login, that appears to be not working. Is there a grace period before it’s active?

Amanda, my dad bought the system for us and im just setting it up. I can leave it going off for 4 minutes if that will actually reset it. Im still trying to learn how to work my way around the system. I figured the office was closed because of the holiday. I have time tomorrow before work to get thing straightened out. Thanks everyone for the help. Amanda should I give the 4 minute torture test a shot?

I can leave it going off for 4 minutes if that will actually reset it.

Letting it go off for 4 minutes will not reset it (it’ll just go silent as the siren default is for a 4 min audible). The panel will still be in alarm. Don’t you think this would be a major security vulnerability if the panel reset after a 4 minute alarm/siren activation?

See post #12886 for resetting panel/recovering installer and master codes

Gotcha, thanks Rive.


The initial log in information for the app/website was also in the welcome email. It looks as though you have logged in using that information and updated your password. Did you do this after posting, or do you need a password reset?

I was able to turn the alarm off with the 1111 code. The installer code was also reset to 1561. I tried just reseting the console but none of my 4 door contacts are programmed. I’ll have to do it in the morning. Thanks for your help all

Most likely 1111 is the master code. Panel seems to be using 2GIG defaults. If 1111 is not the master, you can easily recover the master using the installer code (if you need to recover master, let me know)

Alright so I have all the door sensors programmed back in, and I have one motion detector programmed in. For some reason the system will not arm in away mode. The motion sensor is a honeywell 5800pir-res. Any ideas?

If using 2gig, Q26 in programming. Disable auto-stay.

There is an optimization list for the panel, and that fully enables all panel features (and disables auto stay).

It is here:

Damn, you guys are awesome. Got everything setup except my extra siren and the fireman unit.

Anybody have an idea how to program the fireman unit and an external siren? The siren is the everspring 100dB unit and im having an issue with it.

Zwave everspring 100db siren?

May need to keep triggering the tamper in battery compartment a few times…

Fireman coming up…

Line up markings on side of firefighter to detector

Access system configuration (logo>installer code> system configuration)
Use right arrow to find an empty/unused zone
Down arrow
Change unused to (09) 24-hour fire or (16) verification
Down arrow
Enter (0637)
Down arrow
Learn serial by shift then learn and hitting firefighter learn button (or manually enter serial #)
Down arrow
Equip age (0) new
Down arrow
Loop 2(2)
Down arrow
Enter descriptor (insert, then code for each word as shown on cheat sheet)
Down arrow
Reports enabled (1)
Down arrow
Supervised enabled (1)
Down arrow
Chime disabled (00)
Down arrow
Summary screen (check it carefully, make sure programming is right)
Then ‘skip’, ‘end’, ‘exit’
Panel reboots