New 3G cell installed, won't work

I have a GC2 from years ago. I never updated firmware till today and it went well. Firmware is at v1.16.0.1.

I then replaced the 2G radio “2-GIG-GSM6”. I installed the “2GIG-GC3GA-A” with the antenna it came with.

When I run a cell radio test it times out with “Acquiring network registration” repeating on the screen.

Should I have swapped the SIM card or something? Maybe the firmware needs to be rolled back to a “mid” version and then update it again to latest?


Nope, no need to swap the SIM or change the firmware, however your account is tied to the serial number of the module that is installed in the panel.

If you are a suretyDIY subscriber and have just swapped your module, you’ll need to let our team know by either emailing or by sending a secure message from our website. Please include the module serial number in your message. This will be labeled IMEI on AT&T modules and ADC on Verizon Modules.