New 2GIG System Questions

I am a potential new customer. I have a 2gig system in another home and I would like to install one in my new home. The first was professionally installed but I’d like to give this a shot on my own. I have a few questions…

  1. I would like to have three panels - one for the master bedroom, one for the garage entrance, and one for the main entrance. Does it matter at which of those locations has the main control panel versus just a keypad?

  2. Are there sensors that are heat only without the smoke component? What do you recommend for a kitchen area?

  3. How do I know if I should choose Verizon or AT&T cellular module?

  4. Are there recommendations for where smoke detectors and CO detectors should be placed?

  5. Will the doorbell sound at each of the three keypads? What if the keypad is set to mute? (Will the doorbell sound override that?)

  6. What is the difference between sensor security monitoring and sensor activity monitoring? (I have currently so feel free to use the lingo!)


1: Typically if using multiple keypads you are best to keep your main control panel away from entrances and use TS1’s. There are posts discussing the keypad options. The main control panel needs solid communication to all of your sensors and to the cell network. Do not place it in basements. General guidelines can be found on our forum.

2: An SMKT3 has three different functions, but they each require programming and can be used independently. You could just program in the heat detection loop into the panel.

3: Use the coverage check tool.

4: Yes, and you should always follow manufacturer installation instructions. Keep in mind that main control panel placement will matter here more so than other sensors, since adding a signal repeater won’t boost Smoke or CO detector signals.

5: If you have chime turned off at a TS1, you would not have the doorbell sound, no. You can pick and choose per sensor however, so only certain sensors ever chime regardless.

6: Sensor Activity Monitoring VS. Sensor Security Monitoring.

Activity monitoring refers to real time alerts regardless of panel arming status and is not applicable to certain sensor types. See the link for a detailed rundown.

If you add the smokes, code requires you to get the extended battery pack per UL 985 and NFPA 72. If you don’t, and you have a fire, insurance company may deny claim. You will need the 2GIG-BATT2X.