New 2GIG Panel Release Date

Hi all,
I have the Qolsys IQ panel now and think it is SUCH an improvement over the Simon XTi, but it is still very limited in terms of what Z-Wave devices it can connect with and the fact there is no REAL secondary panel (no, the IQ2 is NOT a panel…) option drives me crazy.

I have been reading about the new 2GIG panels that should be coming soon and wanted to know if anyone had any more information about them such as release dates?

Also, any plans to bring SuretyDIY service to Florida? If not, can anyone give me any recommendations on CSAA and IQ certified alarm companies? I am with LiveWatch and do not TOTALLY love them, so I am always looking for other options.

The GC3 beta process is still ongoing and no release date is yet available.

suretyDIY is working to offer service in Florida, but unfortunately this also has no ETA at the current time. 24/7 central station monitoring is offered to residents in the state of Florida.