New 2GIG-IMAGE1 V2 with 210.10 Firmware

I bought a new 2GIG-IMAGE1 image sensor and noticed that it has a different part number inside of the box flap and it has an updated firmware of 201.10. My old image sensor has a firmware of 200.04. Is there a way to update the firmware of the old one? The newer image sensor appears to take brighter photos.

Both items have barcodes of 817082010533 on the box but the inside flaps of the boxes list different part numbers on the stickers. My old image sensor has a part number of ADC-IS-100-GC-B2 and my new image sensor has a part number of ADC-IS-205-GC-B2 and says, “Image Sensor V2”.

I just confirmed that there is no way to update firmware over the air. Firmware must be added by the manufacturer. Unfortunately, that means it is currently just tied to the version of the sensor.