Network Failure

Hi, as of 5:30 am this morning my panel has stopped network communications, with a radio modem network failure notification. I have a GC2 panel.

Hello what brand it the communicator is it 3g or lte or cdma

Hi! Looks like your panel has a strong signal right now and is responding immediately to pings from our side.

Looking in your history I can see a sharp change in signal yesterday, looks like the carrier may have made network adjustments or may have been performing maintenance on local towers.

Your signal strength is actually reporting higher than before at this point. Looks like this was a temporary carrier outage. Can you confirm all commands are reaching your system and the trouble condition is gone?

Hi Jason,

Yes, it looks like everything is working great now. It came back online right after I submitted this question, so I wonder if it just needed reset at that point?


It never hurts to try a power cycle. If you power down the panel, leave it off for a full two minutes. When the module boots back up it will re-register on the carrier network through the best available source signal.

That wouldn’t be necessary now though. You should be good to go!