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I am moving to a house that had a Vivint system. It currently has the door and windows sensors, CO2 , resolution repeater and the 2Gig panel. Can you please help me with what I need to buy to get service from Surety. I would also like to add 2 smart thermostat and be able to control our 2 garage doors (Genie amd Chamberlain). I will not have internet until after a month but would like to be able to start monitoring of the sensors now. Is that possible or do I need internet to get service.Please help.

The good news is we have an instructional page specific to reusing an existing compatible system.

The notes: Find the firmware version, find the module model number. Check if the module is usable.

If you need to update firmware and need a new module, assuming everything else is in good working order, this would give you everything you need to get started.

Thermostats would be fine, but MyQ Garage Door control would require internet connection. (everything else would communicate with via cellular)

Hi if I don’t have the installer code to check the module. Can I still just replace the module to use the panel. Or do I need to purchase a whole new panel? I also don’t have the previous master code. Please advise.

You can check the module simply by powering down and physically opening the panel. Check the model number on the module sticker.

You normally won’t need to have the previous codes. As soon as a compatible module communicates with our service, a programming template is sent defaulting the installer code and unlocking panel features. A code is needed to run the initial cell test to quickly start this process, so it may take a bit longer. Alternatively, you can attempt a panel reset by holding the two face buttons for 30 seconds upon power up of panel. If the reset feature is not locked from resetting programming this should work.

Through your account you can edit all the panel user codes. This page is the process you would want to follow.

If gocontrol, all you need is to replace module, if skypanel, you are sol

The Vivint default installer code is 2203. You can use any known installer code (regardless of what it is) to retrieve and change the master code and all User codes (on go control panel only). I will post a video to show you how.

Great Info. Thank you very much. I will try that tonight. Appreciate the help.

Keep in mind also that Vivint gocontrol panels run old outdated firmware (firmware is usually only updated per customer specific request). The highest they go is 1.9.6, (most Vivint panels are running firmware that is older) which is the minimum you will need to replace the cell module with the newer 3G Verizon CDMA, or AT&T/Rogers HSPA modules.

Current firmware is 1.13, and 1.14 is coming soon. The firmware is free to download with SuretyCAM, but you will need a firmware update cable.

Cell module, firmware cable is available in the store (, and if you are in a Verizon coverage area, you can get the “Vivout” kit that includes everything you need.

Check coverage area:


Firmware download:

ok. I verified that the current module is locked and the firmware version is 1.9.6. Verizon seems to have the best signal at the location. Having said that, do I

  1. Buy the Verizon module to activate service or do I have to buy the Vivout Kit?
  2. If just buying the module. Does Surety automatically update the firmware remotely to the latest version or do I need to do that manually? hence the need of the Vivout kit.
  3. Does it come with instructions on how to get started or I’m guessing there are tutorials here somewhere?
  4. Separate question, I have a Wink Hub that will be controlling a bunch of zigbee lights, will that intergrate with the 2Gig panel. and is there a benefit to doing so?

Thank you again for everyone’s help.

  1. You would probably want to upgrade firmware to the latest available for full compatibility, I recommend it anyway, but you would be able to use what is there with just a module.
  2. No. Firmware OTA updates are available but the latest version is not always available for OTA, take a long time during which things can go wrong, and have a cost per upgrade. I recommend the Firmware Update cable.
  3. You will receive a welcome email when you order service which provides instructions on testing/setting up for the first time. Programming tips can be found all over the forum, but if you need assistance with a specific device and don’t see it here, please do post a new thread and ask. Happy to help.
  4. No, the 2GIG panel would not integrate with a Zigbee system, it has no Zigbee radio. When a Zwave controller becomes a secondary controller in an existing network, it will directly send commands to the devices that are shared from the primary controller. It does not tell the primary controller to send messages. You might be able to use contact relays in order to integrate on some level.

Sorry one more question.

I saw a box in our house that says “Resolution Products” and it seems like you sell that at the store as well. Can someone tell me what that box is for? I am assuming it is related to the 2Gig panel as some type of repeater. Thank you again.

What is the model number on the device? Pop off the cover and look inside.

Likely an RE220T Signal Repeater.

I just received my vivout kit and I’m ready to update my firmware. Can I use a machine with Windows 10 to update the firmware? Thanks!

Can I use a machine with Windows 10 to update the firmware?

I haven’t been able to get it to install/work properly yet on my win10, even tried compatibility mode.

It may work for those who previously had it on installed on pc prior to upgrade though.

Yes, you can use a windows 10 machine to do it. I just did this morning.

Riven, what step is causing problems when you try?

The app just wont open when ran as admin I will do a video to illustrate

Well, so we have a baseline, I am using a factory windows 10 laptop. 2GIG firmware update software just downloaded and installed this morning.

`just downloaded 1.13, this is a win10 home. Serial com port is 3, Tried running in compatibility mode for Vista and 7, and Adminstrator, program still wont run.

Most who go to win10 do so as an upgrade, thus retaining the old drivers, programs, settings etc. I saved nothing, and reinstalled all programs, etc.

Notice the driver compatibility error right off the bat:

Is this a device you have previously used with a different version of windows to upgrade firmware?

The error you are seeing when attempting to start the update program does not appear related to any sort of hardware driver. A log file is generated during the update and viewable in the same folder post update in notepad.

This is a new download of the update software? As in you have tried downloading before with the same result? I would recommend re-downloading and extracting.

Not the log… that’s because I didn’t run the shortcut as admin. This is the third download of the firmware update package. It is not the issue

This was a win8.1 to 10 upgrade, where nothing of the old version was saved, and win10 was “restored”. The update software worked fine on 8.1 prior to upgrade.

If you don’t have an idea of what may be causing the compatibility issue, or how to resolve it, bump this to Nortek, and see if they do. Maybe its a conflict.

The win10 compatibility install error after running the setup (345 Bytes)

If this can’t be resolved, its not a big deal. I have complete PC images of both 8.1 and 10. I can restore the 8.1 within the time span of 20 min, do the v1.14 upcoming firmware update, then restore the 10 image and be just like I am now. It is just kinda inconvenient is all.