Need Several Outdoor Cameras 2GIG System

Had an incident where I need to buy at least 4 outdoor cameras for my 2GIG system and need them to be on a 24 hour loop. Would rather not spend $1000 if I don’t have to. What other cameras do you recommend?

If you want ADC integration I’m not aware of anything cheaper than the 720/721, which as you point out are around $1000 for four.

There is a 2GIG-CAM-250P outdoor camera but it’s not any cheaper and I don’t know much about it.

If you’re willing to install a parallel system lots of people like Hikvision cameras, like the DS-2CD2032-I. These are about half the price but you’d need to also set up a video server like BlueIris.

These are an option for low cost IP cameras.

But as stated above, you would need a video recording server software and an always on PC. Blue Iris would work for these too. It’s an inexpensive and fairly popular software.