Need replacement magnet for DW20R

I’ve installed a DW20R in a way that will not register when I open and close the door.

It seemed to work when I first put it in but then it stopped.

Unfortunately, I used sealant when I was installing the magnet and sensor and I am not having luck getting them out.

I do have another sensor I can use but the magnet is missing.

Is there a way to get a replacement magnet for this sensor?

Unfortunately, 2GIG does not sell the magnets individually. While we do not have any like magnets available, it might be possible to find one from another vendor online.

The specs for the magnet are:
Dimensions: 0.5 x 0.75 in. (1.27 x 1.9 cm)

Thanks Tyler.

I’ve done a search and found the wired companion to this wireless sensor has a similar magnet with dimensions that are also similar.

Since I need to relocate the position of this sensor anyway, my real concern is that this magnet will be adequate to trip this sensor.

I’m hoping that most of these rare Earth magnets are similar.

Do you think this one would work?


The dw20R is meant to be used with the included magnet but this one should do the job. You would want to test it locally to confirm. When testing keep in mind the gap distance between the sensor and the magnet once installed.