Need Help new 2GIG design with Existing Sensors


We are trying to replace an existing Honeywell system and go with a 2GIG setup with Alarm.Com monitoring. Can someone please advise if the following is compatible…?

Existing Door Sensors: Ademco 5816
Exisiting Glass Break Sensors: Honeywell 5853

Looking to Buy:
2GIG Touch Screen Panel with AT&T Module
2GIG TS1 Secondary Keypad for upstairs bedroom

Yes, the 5816 and 5853 are compatible with 2GIG. If you don’t have one already, you’ll also need one of these to use the TS1.

Available monitoring packages, with their features and pricing, are shown here.

Great thank you Amanda!

For the panels themselves does only the main unit have a speaker in it or also the extra touchpad? We are trying to decide which one to mount in our bedroom and which one to mount downstairs.

I assume also that adding sensors and zwave devices you carry later is easy to do?

The main panel has a speaker, as does the TS1. I use my iPad and Droid phone to adjust the system in my bedroom, so I don’t hear activity announcements from either the panel or my secondary.

Absolutely, adding later is fairly easy to do if you have some DIY savvy. It may be worth checking out some of the videos we have up that give a preview to what programming looks like. One example is here -

Ok great, will be placing an order tomorrow. Last question, for insurance purposes will I get a certificate I can send to them for a possible discount on our insurance?

Absolutely. To get one faster, once you have it up and running, email or during business hours Live Chat us via the website to request a certificate.