Napco Alarm Question


Saw you guys online and we just bought a house that has an older Napco Magnum Alert 1016 unit. Playing with it seemed a bit dated, but, we’re kind of strapped for money right now with all the new expenses. Although we eventually want to replace this alarm with a system that’s more up to date, it’s not the safest neighborhood and we would like to use the existing alarm for now without central station monitoring. The problem is that every hour or so, the system starts blaring with a FAIL TO COMM error. This is because it’s trying to dial out to a central station for whatever reason. We don’t have a landline nor do we want monitoring.

Is there a way to disable this alarm from attempting to use a central station monitoring feature and use the alarm as an un-monitored system for now?


Happy to help, however note that suretyDIY is an services dealer and we do not support Napco products. If you have access to the installer code for your system the programming instructions may assist. It looks like a copy of the manual might be found here.