Nanomax for 2GIG panel

Hi just wondering if you were planning to sell the Nanomax RE222 sensor that replaced the Mighty Mouse RE211. Looks like you offer the Nanomax that’s compatible with the other panel but not 2GIG yet. I have a few of the RE211 Mighty Mouse and like them a lot, hoping to add more to the system. I called Resolution and they started shipping the RE222 sensors last week Monday.

Haven’t heard of specific plans to add them. (Haven’t touched one yet) I will put in a request for their addition.

Is there an update on when you will stock the Nanomax RE222?

Unfortunately I have no update as of yet, no. I think the 222 is lower priority, given the wide availability of other 2GIG compatible D/W sensors.

What other low profile 2Gig compatible D/W sensors are available, I don’t see the Mighty Mouse offered from SuretyDIY any longer…I am just glad I bought a few extras in my last order. I can say that if I had to use the 2Gig branded D/W sensors I wouldn’t have gone with a 2Gig alarm system.

Does the RE222 offer an improvement over the RE211?

The RE222 is a bit larger (about the same depth as a 2GIG DW10), but with an internal antenna.

The 2GIG Thin Door Window DW10 is about as low profile as a panel OEM gets (Although DSC makes the slimmest sensor I think I have seen). You should see the original Qolsys DW. Twice as large as 2GIG.

@Jason, Thanks for the info. We have a historical home with wood windows and really wanted the lowest profile window sensor we could get…and had almost gone with a different panel before I found you guys selling the Mighty Mouse, they are very unobtrusive compared to the 2GIG-DW we have.

I understand. I like using the Mighty Mouse myself. The Magnet is what I am particularly impressed with. Standard sensors can be difficult to appropriately apply to door frames with certain trim. At least in an aesthetic way. The Mighty Mouse made it quite a bit easier.

The RE222/RE122 are still roughly the same size and shape as the Mighty Mouse, (same magnet, too) they just jut out a little further off the surface they are attached to.

This past week I’ve seen a couple sites start selling the RE222 and RE222t. I was waiting to see if the Surety store would be selling them before buying others, but if it’s not going to be stocked for awhile, I might gamble with a different seller. Totally understand you can’t stock everything. Thanks for the heads-up.

For what it’s worth, the Resolution customer service guy told me that the RE222 or RE222t should both work with 2GIG. RE222t will be the 2GIG branded version. RE222 will be Honeywell.

Definitely loved the Mighty Mouse. I’m using them on my metal doors with no issue, even the garage access which is a metal door and transmits through that door and an exterior wall. When painted the same color as the door, you can barely see these sensors. Wish I could find 4 more somewhere, but the prices are sky high now. My only DW10 just looks a lot bigger.

As an alternative to the nanomax, the new 2GIG DW40 is impressively small. Same magnet size as before.