myQ GO-301 removed from myQ app and cannot add serial #

The myQ GO-301 worked with my myQ app. I wanted to pair it with instead.

I went to the Chamberlain website and removed the myQ GO-301 hub.

When I try to enter the serial #, I get an error message saying it must be removed from Chamberlain; however I already removed it.

How do I get ADC to accept my Go-301 wifi hub serial # that has already been removed from Chamberlain?

It’s been over I day since I removed the myQ GO-301 hub from Chamberlain.

There may be some data left in Chamberlain/MyQ database that is causing this issue. If you are getting a specific error stating that it is still registered that would be pretty reliable as a cause.

Have you contacted Chamberlain support to see if they can ensure any and all data regarding that unit’s serial is removed?

We may be able to provide additional assistance if you provide the Serial number for the hub via secure message. You can find the secure message tab in your Surety System Manager here.

The MyQ serial number was received!

Based on the information submitted, it would appear that the hub itself was not removed from the associated MyQ account, just the garage door.

In order to proceed, you will need to delete the hub from the native MyQ app. To do so, log into your MyQ account and tap the menu bars on the upper left corner then tap Device Management and lastly tap the hub and press the trash can icon associated with the hub itself. The hub itself will need to be removed prior to it being associated with your account.

After following the above steps, are you able to remove the hub from the native MyQ app and re add it?

Yes, I was able to remove the hub; however on my Iphone myQ app,
I had to swipe the hub to the left and then hit delete.

I successfully added to and it works perfectly now.

Thanks for your assistance.

I am a happy camper.