My TS1 does not see my thermostat

Hello gang, I noticed the other day that my TS1 does not see the thermostat but sees every single other Zwave device fine. Any ideas? I think this issue happened after I relearned the network on the main 2gig panel itself? Or maybe when I did the firmware update months back and just never noticed the bug. It’s not a huge deal but would like it fixed.

When you look at zwave devices on the CP1, does it see the tstat?

if so, power cycle both CP1 and TS1. You may have a signaling issue. When you do a walk test, what is signal strength for the TS1?

What model of thermostat are you using and what firmware version is your panel and ts1?

No the CP1 does not see it as well after the firmware 1.13 and using the the thermostat from

here is a pic of the thermostat.


using the the thermostat from

That is not an Thermostat (ADC-T2000). It looks like you have a CT-30.

No the CP1 does not see it as well after the firmware 1.13

Make sure you have thermostat feature enabled on panel Q81(1), in the zwave toolbox, does it show under “view all devices”?

Is the tstat on batteries and/or C wire? have you checked/replaced the batteries?

If listed under devices, “check network” , and “rediscover network” (advanced toolbox)

Otherwise, you need to reset the CT30 tstat itself, then reinstall it via services toolbox.

services/zwave/wrench/code/add devices

thanks guys. I deleted it from the Zwave devices and re added it as per the 2gig Quick setup

Q81: Enable must have already been enabled. I can see it from as well and my IOS devices

LINKING A THERMOSTAT OR SWITCH select: Home Services select: Tool Box enter: Master Code (default 1111) select: Add Devices press/release: The binding button on the thermostat or switch 2GIG-Z-STAT: PRESS MENU ON THE RIGHT, THEN MATE ON THE LEFT (TWICE) Allow time for the panel to download the devices information