Multiple partitions with IQ remote

So I just received my IQ remote and am trying to figure out how to access multiple partitions from the remote, but it seems to only want to let me to view 1 partition, based on how it is programmed at the main IQ2 Plus panel. Is there a way to access multiple partitions from the remote?

Also, I just realized that the remote does not have a port to upload photos to the viewer? Is this possible? If not, am I able to install TWO IQ2 Plus Panels on the same system?

Thanks for all the great guidance!

The IQ Remote is assigned a specific partition during programming . It can only access the partition it is assigned to. The Main panel can access all partitions.

Have you set up photo frame on the main panel? Does it show up on the IQ Remote? As of 2.5.0, the main panel should push photo frame images to connected IQ Remotes. As there is no SD card on the IQ Remote 9104-840 you cannot upload images directly to it.

Only one IQ Panel 2+ can be used, a second main panel cannot be used as a secondary.