Muffled audio

Hi all,

Every once in a while when arming my 2gig panel, the audio (that says ARMING STAY) is extremely muffled, almost inaudible. If I disarm and arm again, it is back to normal. Has anyone experienced that before?


That’s not normal.

I haven’t heard that before. Does the muffled audio only occur during the Arm Stay voice notification or are you hearing it during other voice prompts as well? Also, how often does it appear to be happening (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc.)?

Hi Jay,

I have noticed it happen 2 or 3 times now…completely random and I cannot replicate it. It just happens once in a while. I think it was probably mostly during Arm Stay, but I usually arm away once I am outside (from my phone) so I wouldn’t notice it if it happened. I will keep tabs and make note if/when it happens again. I will also try to catch on video if possible.

One other thing I noticed - the doorbell chime is very quiet, but the speaker (when monitoring is using it as a 2-way) is EXTREMELY loud. Is that normal? I was next to the panel when they were talking with me and I had to put my hand over the speaker to try and quiet it a little.

If it is normal to have the speaker that loud when they are speaking, is there any way to boost the volume of the doorbell? Unless you are very nearby, it is almost impossible to hear the doorbell.


The speaker during a 2-way voice call can be fairly loud during the call. The only way to increase the volume on the door bell would also increase the volume on the chime for the rest of the sensors. You can adjust it by going in the User Menu -> Toolbox -> Brightness/Volume.

I’ll check with 2GIG to see if there are any known issues with the speaker going quiet periodically.

Hi Jay,

Just wondering if you heard back from 2GIG regarding the speaker issue yet.

Also, I tried raising the volume, but then it makes the keypad presses and voice alerts too loud. Too bad there isn’t a way to change the volume of certain aspects (like a door chime) without increasing the volume across the board. Any chance that would be implemented in future firmware updates?

If not, any chance this would be an option on the GC3?


I heard back from 2GIG this morning. They say that it could be a number of issues but isn’t something that could be easily repaired. The only real solution is to replace the panel.

As far as changing the volume on specific sensors goes, it may be something that can be implemented with newer firmware versions down the road, but I wouldn’t expect it to be anytime soon.

I have no idea whether it could be an option for the GC3 or not. We are still largely in the dark about what the GC3’s full capabilities are.

Hi Jay,

Well, all was going perfectly and then the other day, I armed my panel via my phone upstairs and didn’t hear the voice confirmation. I disarmed (which I heard) and rearmed and heard it the second time. It happened again, and I went down to check visually - it had armed. Then another time, I armed at the panel and the sound was muffled, just like what happened with my first panel! Argh!!!

It has only happened 3 times (as far as I know), and I cannot reproduce the issue (it happens very intermittently), but I am worried that this panel is doing the same thing as the last one.

Any thoughts? Am I better just hanging onto this one and then exchanging and upgrading through Surety to the GC3 whenever it is released?


The issue, as I know it, affects the countdown beeps and voice confirmation during arming only, (my own panel does this intermittently, I’ve been meaning to open it and see if an obvious issue is causing it, perhaps now is the time.) My gut feeling is that it is software related, but I am not an authority on this particular matter. I will prod 2Gig again for updates.

I would say as it isn’t something compromising a vital function, probably best to wait.

Yeah, I don’t really want to swap it for another since it sounds like many are affected. I guess we can discuss later once we know more about the release of the GC3.

Please let me know if you hear anything else from 2GIG about this. Now that you mention it, yes, I think it is only during arming (which is a bummer since I usually arm while upstairs and the voice confirmation is how I know it successfully armed).


I use a TS1 for voice and chimes…never encountered this muffled issue. (I have voice and chime disabled on main panel).

My panel does the same thing as we’ll periodically when arming speaker will cut out voice then start up again during countdown beeps, it must be a software issue as it appears I’m not the only one having the same issue

Hi Jason,

I wanted to follow up on this - it seems that the muffled audio that happens when I arm the panel is happening more frequently. Has there been any additional info on the release of the GC3? I am thinking that I will just need to do a swap once the GC3 is released.


Beta testing for the GC3 is coming very soon.

Hello all,
In relation to the muffled audio at times has anyone experienced a different entry delay countdown sound? I actually prefer it over the normal one lol it almost sounds like the fire alarm signal but 3 pulses each per every 2 seconds it happens every now and then

I have not heard of that. Is there any pattern to when it occurs? And are you referring to the Go Control or a TS1?

Jason, it is on the main control panel , I don’t have a ts1 yet, at first I thought maybe 2 gig remotely changed something to entry delay countdown sound!! It had only happened 3 times so far , it’s extremely odd, if it does it again I will try to record for u to hear

2GIG indicated they were not aware of this either, so a recording would definitely be helpful. Let us know the circumstances when it does it as well. Arming state/bypassed zones, etc.

I haven’t had muffled, but on two different 2Gig panels every once in a while the audio will distort for one of the alerts. This is a very rare occurance and hard to reproduce on my end.

By default, the panel speaker is muted when not in use. Once in a while a pop or initial distorted sound may be heard as the panel kicks the speaker back on for the alert. Does this sound like what you hear?