Moved now no cell connection

I recently moved and brought my 2gig panel with me, its been offline for about 2 weeks and now it wont register on the cell network, tried the cell test multiple times last night and it failed every time. Doe’s the service deactivate if a panel hasnt checked in for awhile or do i just have no reception at my new house and need to order an updated module or inwall antenna?

No, the service does not deactivate if you’re offline. Have you checked your cellular module carrier at the new address? Have you tried removing and re-adding the module and antenna in case they came unseated during the move? If I’m understanding correctly, you are able to get to the cell phone test button, it just fails when run? Have you tried to run a cell phone test in multiple locations within the new home?

It looks like this account is still using a 2G GSM cellular module, which is likely the bulk of the problem.

I would recommend updating to a new module, HSPA or CDMA.

No I didnt try the panel in other areas of the phone. Ordered a CDMA module, was trying to avoid the expense of a new module in hopes they’d finally release the GC3.

I was hoping the same thing myself, and assumed 2GIG would push to release the GC3 by the time users would need to upgrade. I think a lot of work is going into perfecting the GC3, so fingers crossed it is more than worth the wait.