Move to Surety with existing 2GIG (3G module)

I used to have a monitoring service with a local company but I didn’t renew it after the contract expired as the cost was high and they wanted to lock me into another 3 years. This was in December 2019. I use my system now only for self monitoring - I still arm the panel each night and if someone opens a door or window the siren will go off and that’s it.

I have a new smart lock (z-wave) that I want to add to the panel but it won’t let me because I don’t have the Installer Code (I do have the Master User Code).

I’m trying to switch to Surety now. I placed an order last night and when I try to activate service it says -

Unfortunately, as of June 2019, your 3G Verizon cellular module can no longer be used to set up a new service account due to the impending 3G cellular service sunset. A 4G or newer module would be required.

What are my options at this point? Should I change the whole system? Can I just the 3G module be swapped out? Should I get this - Get Surety with your 2GIG GC2 - Surety

How do I know which model (GC2, GC2e, GC3, etc) of 2GIG I have? I don’t seem to find it anywhere. I have attached pictures of my panel.

Thank you for your assistance.

That is a 2GIG GC2, steps to get started with that panel or replace the panel are described in the guide below:

After reading the guide, let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you for the quick response, Jason.

I went through the link and it looks like the minimum firmware needed is 1.5. My panel has 1.13. Any workarounds?

The 2GIG USB firmware update cable allows you to update your 2GIG Go!Control firmware from any PC for free. It requires that your current firmware be version 1.5 or higher to work. Do not use this cable to update a 2GIG panel currently running firmware older than version 1.5.

I went through the link and it looks like the minimum firmware needed is 1.5. My panel has 1.13. Any workarounds?

In order to update the GC2 firmware using the 2GIG USB Firmware update cable (and PC) the panel needs to be on 1.5 or above. 1.13 is more recent then 1.5 so you can use the update and cable method.

1.5 < 1.6 < 1.8 < 1.9 < 1.10 < 1.12 < 1.14 < 1.16 < 1.17 < 1.19

Thank you, Tyler. I have been misreading my firmware as 1.1.3 instead of 1.13 which is recent than 1.5.

So it sounds like all I need to do is order & install the new LTE module, update firmware to 1.19 and I should able to connect to Surety.

Can you please confirm?

The panel won’t recognize the new module until the firmware has been updated to 1.19+.

Once the firmware is updated and the new module installed, you can connect the GC2 to service through Surety.