Motion Sensor Off LIne

I had a motion sensor that went of line this morning. Could this be a battery power issue? Do motion sensors give low battery warnings?

Yes, sensors produce low battery alerts, however offline refers to the sensor supervision heartbeat signal and depending on a host of factors like range and nearby materials, supervision can be affected by borderline low battery voltage before a low battery alert would be thrown.

You are on the right track here, as it is often the best first step to try replacing with fresh batteries, especially if the sensor has been in use for 1-2 years or more, as battery drain will depend on usage patterns.

Unfortunately I am not at the location and wont be there for awhile. Could you restart the system, or do you not think that would help?

The sensor is throwing the malfunction and rebooting the panel would not have any effect on communication, communication from the sensor is one way.

How old is the sensor in question?

Hey Tyler,

I am guessing 8-10 years old. Its probably been over a year since I changed the battery. I will try to replace the battery first when I am there next, and if they doesn’t work I will replace the sensor.