Motion Detector Not Functioning as Expected

Upstairs PIR shows low battery and tamper still after I swapped out the entire sensor and updated the ID in the panel. Panel does not show this error and sensor is 12 feet from panel. PIR passes all tests.

This Alert only shows up on the phone app and with the Web login. Please explain how I clear this so I will know for future reference.

Do a cell test on panel to update ADC

I see this is on a GC3 account. Just to make sure, what is the model number of the PIR you are having troubles with?

It looks like after a system status update was requested, the same status shows for that sensor.

Can you bring the sensor close to the panel, tamper it. Does the panel show the sensor as tampered? When you close the sensor, does the tamper go away?

After tampering and closing the sensor near the panel, does this update the status on ADC?

I will try both of these suggestions when I get home from work and will post back. I can always just remove this PIR then add it back.

This was a PIR1-345 motion detector. I tried the radio test and it didn’t clear it so I took it down and opened it up to tamper it. The panel picked it up but the issues didn’t clear from until I deleted the sensor and added it back. Weird but now I know what to do. What’s odd is the sensor is only 12 feet away with line of sight of the panel. I don’t know but at least it’s fixed. Thanks for the help.