Monitoring Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

I’ve just added a Smoke Alarm and Carbon Monoxide detector. I noticed I can’t add those 2 sensors to Activity Monitoring on the site. Is there any kind of integration features for such devices on the site?


Ah, yes. Activity monitoring is reserved for devices that monitor activity, rather than the environment (ie whether a door is open or shut or there has been movement in a room or not).

You can set notifications for smoke and CM detectors, they can set off your alarm, and if you have an integrated thermostat, you can also (very simply) program the system to turn off all ventilation if smoke or carbon monoxide is detected.

Got it. Under Notifications, Alarms, I created 2, one for Carbon and one for Smoke using those sensors. Thanks!

You don’t need an alarm notification for each sensor unless you want different people to be notified for each sensor. When an alarm occurs, the default “Alarm Event” notification can cover alarms from all sensors and it will include the name of the sensor that triggered the alarm in the notification.

What if you want to be notified without the system being armed? I would like it to text and email if it’s armed or not.

Assuming your control panel is programmed correctly smoke and carbon monoxide detectors will trigger an alarm no matter what, even when the system isn’t armed.

Great info. Thank you. I’ll delete those events and let the them notify if triggered.

Thanks for the explanation. I was also facing the same difficulty.