Monitoring Center Questions

When I first started researching the idea of going DIY and kept showing at or near the top of the lists, I rather assumed they actually managed the monitoring centers as well. I’m guessing I was mistaken there (or was I?). So from all the reading and research, I know suretyCam is CSAA 5 Diamond, IQ certified, and UL Listed. However, the former callcenter/telecom guy in me (more years ago than I care to admit to) has a couple questions, if they can be answered.

  1. How many monitoring centers do you employ?
  2. What disaster/redundancy factors are in place (power, telecom, redundant monitoring center locations, etc…)?

ADC/ is the backend service, it is not the same as the central station service.

How it works:’s module sends a digital signal via GPRS protocol to’s operations center.

The operations center then routes the signal over a secure, encrypted IP connection to the central station.

When the customers’ module receives confirmation back from’s operation center that the alarm signal went to the central station, it then initiates the voice connection allowing operators to communicate directly with the customer via two-way voice…

SuretyCAM is a co-op member of Monitoring America CO-OP. They are UL Listed,CSAA 5 Diamond certified, and IQ Certified. Located Tulsa OK.

Free free to contact the central station

The panels are ADC 3G cellular with optional POTS backup for communication. And use 2way voice communication.

The ADC video packages are IP/WiFi

The panels are powered by AC, with DC 24/hour battery backups (if using optional extended batteries)

Thanks for the details, Rive that fills in some blanks. On the Monitoring America co-op, I’ve not had much luck verifying the architecture. Are there redundant centers or just a single facility? Is the connectivity on a sonet ring?

You will have to ask the CS…