Missing System not armed notifications

For some reason the “system not armed” notification (at1045p) is not showing for either phone designated to receive the notification.
I’ve deleted and rebuilt. Still no improvement.
Any suggestions?

Looks like you have two reminders for different times. The first one looks like it is firing every day.

As a test, can you try deleting that first one for 8am? Then recreate the one for 10:45. Any change?

Also, just to confirm, did you wait 24 hours after creating to test? (has it been running unmodified for over 24 hours?)

Yes I intentionally have 2 reminders set. I’ll delete and rebuild and report back after the weekend.

Following up on this— the morning reminder notification works for both phones, the evening notification is not working on either phone.

Did you test just using the evening reminder? That was the intent of the suggestion.

If you delete the morning one, then recreate the evening one, does the evening one work by itself? I am curious if the duplication is the main cause of the rule not firing or saving properly.

Ahhh, no. Will try for the next 24 hours.

If you are using iPhones, make sure you don’t have an automatic “Do Not Disturb” or Focus mode that is turning on during the evening. I did (it would go into Do Not Disturb at 10pm each night), therefore my unarmed notification at 10:45pm would not show up. (If the alarm went off, it would let me know since that was flagged as a critical notification).

This is easy to fix, just go to Settings / Focus and select Alarm.Com as an app that is allowed to send you notifications, even when in Do Not Disturb.

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The single 1045 notification doesn’t seem to be working on either phone set to receive the notification. No issues with do not disturb settings. Interestingly both am and pm notifications worked previously.

Can you try creating a different new notification? Anything would work, something simple like door activity that is easy to test. Does that other new notification work? Let me know when you tested it so I can compare history.

I don’t see the arming reminder actually fire at that time in your account history, so it is not an issue with the phone, it seems the notification is just not processing based on what I can tell. I can see exactly when your morning reminder was occurring.

Confirming that other notifications work. Just created a notification for a door opening. Worked as intended.

Arming notifications also continue to work as designed.

Alright, thank you for confirming. Can you leave that evening arming reminder notification in your list? I am reaching out to ADC to let them know what is happening with that rule. For some reason there is something specific to that rule which is causing it not to fire. Hopefully they can identify the issue from the troubleshooting so far.

Alarm.com has confirmed there have been other reports and this is a known issue that is being actively investigated at this time. I’m not aware of the specifics on which reminders fail or why, they are investigating that at this time. Does your morning reminder work if you recreate it?

Yes, the morning reminders do still fire.

Wondering if there are any updates on this?

I have not received any update yet. It is an active investigation at ADC. I’ll see if they have any new info.

Just a weekly check in. Assuming no news?

Sorry they did not have news last I spoke. I am hopeful we will hear an update soon.

I have double checked and it is not referenced in any weekly notes since 8/11 where such fixes are usually described.

Just checking in. Any news?

Unfortunately no. I sent them another message today asking for an update. I’ll follow up here with whatever news they have. I think this issue would be resolved in a scheduled back end maintenance update, but I am not sure how far along they are.

Presume no updates?