Mighty Mouse Window Sensor Malfunction

Last night one of my window sensors reported a loss of supervision. The system was just purchased in early December so can’t image it’s a battery issue. There is an identical sensor on the window right next to this one that is still working fine. Is there something I can do to reset this sensor or is possible it is just bad and needs to be replaced?

What the signal strength of the sensor as reported by panel?

If it was battery you would have received a battery trouble. Malfunction loss of supervision is a signal/sensor issue, and in some cases may be caused by the power saving function of the sensor.

There is always some possibility that a sensor is bad. However, with a Mighty Mouse sensor that issues a loss of supervision error, it often indicates that the external antenna may not be clear. It may be worth checking to ensure nothing is obstructing it.

Is there a way to see signal strength other than doing a walk test? If I do a walk test it doesn’t register at all when I open and close it. The window right next to it registers 5 green bars. These windows are in the same room as the main panel.

There doesn’t appear to be anything obstructing the antenna. It is installed the same way the working sensor is. I can attach a picture if that would be helpful. I tried swapping the batteries but the bad sensor still doesn’t work and the good sensor works fine.

I’m assuming it is either a bad sensor or something happened to damage the antenna. If it was bent or caught in the window opening or closing, it could cause this issue.

Our warranty policy is located here and includes information on replacing a bad sensor.