Mighty Mouse sensors always showing open

I just installed a new system, and I’m showing all of the Mighty Mouse window sensors as open. I went into the tool box and exited back out without making any changes to restart the panel. They were functioning properly for a few minutes after that, but then went back to being ‘open’. Any suggestions?

If multiple of your Mighty Mouse window sensors (or any door/window sensor, for that matter) are not properly reporting open/close signals, first check to make sure the loop number is correct in the installer’s toolbox as this is most likely the cause.

For mighty mouse Door/Window contacts, that should be a loop number of 2.

Access this through your installer toolbox -> system configuration -> (scroll right to appropriate sensor then down to “Sensor Loop Number”)

Another issue as I am putting up smoke alarms. I get an “open freeze detector” on the upstairs alarm and when I reset the system everytime the Control unit sets of the fire alarm sounder.

I check the settings on that one and it looks identical to the other smoke alarms

Then its programmed wrong, sounds like loop is wrong

Is it a smkt3…? Type 09, equip code 1058?
loop1 is smoke (new)
Loop2 is heat (existing)
Loop3 is freeze (existing)

If zone programming is identical for freeze and smokes…then that’s the problem you need to fix

Are you still having the open freeze detector problem? I looked into your account and none of the freeze sensors are showing open at this time. Just wanted to make sure the issue was resolved.