Manual cell phone test

Any ideas why when I do a manual cell phone test, the panel has to “reset the radio” before I get a successfully completed message? Anything I need to do or change? Thank you.

Does this happen every time? Do you typically run a cell test shortly after power up, or are you testing randomly? Is this a system that was just set up?

These are random tests. Not a new system, monitored through SuretyCam for approx two years. Used to never happen, now it seems it happens about 95% of the time. Thanks.

Well, looking at the account I am seeing no problems at all with communication. Immediate responses to commands and a quality signal strength. If you run a cell test twice in a row, does it give you that message each time?

Are you able to run a cell test a couple times back-to-back? I’d like to look at the signals coming through

I just ran two tests back to back and both completed successfully on the first try…may be just a fluke. Thank you for checking it.