How do you get malfunctions to stop coming up?

To resolve a malfunction you would need to resolve the underlying problem.

It looks like this may be in reference to one or both of a couple accounts.

In one case I see a malfunction listed on a MyQ garage door. It appears this is a wifi hub gateway, correct? If so, the malfunction listed on the individual door nearly 100% of the time indicates a low/dead battery on the MyQ tilt sensor on the garage door itself.

The MyQ tilt sensor will look like this and take a single battery. This should be replaced.

On the other account, it looks like there is a malfunction listed for a TS1 keypad, correct?

This could be a few things, but most likely an issue with signaling between the GC2 and TS1 if the TS1 is otherwise powered and operational.

On your 2GIG Panel, press Security - Menu - Toolbox - System test. Wait a minute and the signal of secondary keypads will register automatically. What is the signal strength reading for that keypad? Is this a new TS1? Or has it been in use with the system for a while? Did you recently update the firmware of the panel?