Lutron Caseta integration issues

I am having issues with the Lutron Caseta integration. I found the Lutron instruction sheet here:

When I go into my ADC account I see an option under emPower --> Devices for “Lutron Caseta Installation”. I click the link, provide my Caseta username/password but then I get an error “The redirect uri is not valid” (see image attached) at which point nothing happens.

Is this an ADC issue or a Lutron issue? I emailed Lutron’s customer support as well.

Hmm. Just to make sure, I believe the username required is a full email address if I recall correctly. Is that what you are using?

If you would like we can attempt to add the Caseta access from our end. Please send us an email at and let us know you would like us to try. Instructions will be sent in reply.

Yes, using the email address that was used to setup my Caseta. After login it does show a banner saying login was successful. Now anytime I go to the ADC page to add the Caseta it immediately shows that error message page.

If I go to the page I can login fine (not that you can “do” anything there) as well.

I will contact via email to see if you have better luck via the Dealer site.

Looks like the Bridge was successfully added. Can you confirm?

Yes, it did work. Thanks!

One nice bonus of the Caseta lighting over standard Z-wave is the system actually seems to be fully aware of the state of all switches (powered on/off or % of brightness).

It is a Lutron patent which causes the issue for Zwave, they’d better make good use of it. :slight_smile: