Low Battery Report on Multiple Sensors

We are currently getting 6 out of batteries warning. What should we do? Change the batteries ourselves? Is there an information page regarding that?

Happy to assist!

As it appears that multiple sensors are all reporting a low battery, this is likely related to a Takeover Module.

It seems that your system may utilize a TAKE-345 takeover module. If that is the case, the battery that is reporting low is the 12VDC brick battery which would be connected to the TAKE-345 battery terminals. This is usually housed in the old metal panel box.

12VDC 5ah batteries can be found at hardware/electronics stores. Here is an example.

You will want to ensure that the 12VDC battery is connected to both the TAKE-345 and the old panel charging circuit. The TAKE will not recharge the battery, so if it is only connected to the TAKE-345, it will drain again fairly quick.