Low Battery On Thermonstat Monitoring Problem

I have my CT thermostats hard wired with no batteries in them. I actually did that because my thermostats would fall out of Z-wave and a user told me to add it without the batteries and leave them out. It has worked for a couple of years.

The ADC page shows them as low battery, but I don’t care.

I have ADC set up to notify me if batteries are low and I like this feature. Not for the thermostats, but for the wireless sensors should the batteries get low.

For a year or so I never got a notification from the thermostats. But lately I get notificaitons to my phone that the battery level is “critical”

Is there a way to stop this without stopping the notifications for the sensors so I stop getting these texts for the thermostats and only for wireless sensors?

The primarily important thing is to make sure it is running off of 24VAC when you learn it in. You should be able to add batteries without affecting performance unless there is a strange issue with the model/production run of your thermostat.

I would suggest adding batteries.

You should be able to stop the alerts by unchecking low battery in “system actions” under notifications.