Low Battery on all of my connected takeover module contacts

Absolutely every contact that is connected to my take over module is sending a low battery signal. This all started happening right after I changed the master code on the main panel. I tested the battery and it shows good at 12 volts. I even tried disconnecting the power source on all panels and reconnecting them battery first then panel and that did not change anything… Please help… this is very annoying.

Typically, this would indicate a low 12v brick battery, but if you have tested it, I would try this to verify the old panel is properly functioning before checking for malfunctions on the takeover.

  1. Make sure the old system is fully powered with AC and battery.
  2. Remove the AC power by unplugging the transformer.
  3. Leave the battery connected.
  4. Test the output voltage on your auxiliary power terminals of the old panel (where the takeover module is powered.) This will tell you whether there is an issue with the old system’s circuit. You’ll want to see near the 12v range for functionality.

Replace the battery

FYI I test those 12v alarm panel batteries all the time…

Metering voltage is useless. You have to use a load tester and the ah (amp hours) are what are important.

For example, if its a 7ah battery that is load tested and ah are below 3ah, battery is bad and needs replacement. (The battery load tester will indicate when a battery needs replacement depending on the volts/amp hours)

A low battery will continue to show 12v. It is not until the battery is on its last legs that it will drop below nominal voltage.


Replacement battery runs around $35…match battwry type, and volts and ah size

Thanks Rive. It was the battery after all. I replaced it and all is well now.