Low Battery After 2GIG Take345 Install

I am getting a low battery notification on the 2GIG Panel after the I had the Take345 wireless module installed. It occurs on various zones depending on what door is open. I replaced the 12 volt backup battery and rebooted the 2GIG panel, but the error returned.

I read a few reviews stating these 2GIG Take modules can sometimes do this, but I was at least willing to give it a shot.

Any suggestions? Please advise!


Does an end of low life battery notification mean everything is fine now? I let it sit overnight about 12 to 14 hours after changing the 12 volt battery.

The issue that comes up when installing a TAKE is due to the order of booting up devices usually. You will want to always reboot the Alarm panel after powering up the TAKE.

If the low battery alert went away on its own, the issue would be resolved, yes.