Loss of Supervision

Both of my heat/smoke sensors simultaneously reported loss of supervision this morning. I tampered with one of them and nothing registered on the panel. There had been no low-battery notifications for either sensor. The upstairs one periodically flashes green, the one I tampered with flashes red/yellow/green in sequence. All other sensors are fine.

Just to clarify, you haven’t replaced the batteries on the units recently then?

Definitely an interesting circumstance, typically a tamper would still register if a loss of supervision was just an intermittent signal loss.

Have you reseated your smoke detector on its base plate? After doing so I would recommend a full power cycle of your alarm panel, transformer first, then battery. Then plug back in the battery, then the transformer. Allow the panel to boot up. Wait a few minutes, then tamper a smoke detector again.

Correct, no recent battery replacement.

I’ll try what you suggest and report back. I’m away from home at the moment. Thanks!

Your suggestion worked and tamper now registers. Thanks Jason!