Losing cell tower connectivy

My 2GIG alarm panel frequently loses connectivity to the cell tower. It has progressively getting worst as time goes on. My alarm system is several years old. Would this be some sort of firmware update issue or do I need to replace the radio? I did try to reseat the radio but still having issues. Please advise, thanks!

Ah, yes, it looks like this is regarding a system using a 2G T-Mobile communicator. While T-mobile has not sunset its 2G network the same as AT&T yet, going forward, general improvement is unlikely in areas that see a decline in service due to changes by the carrier.

In this case you would want to update the firmware on your Control Panel and any TS1s to 1.9.6 and swap the communication module. There are a lot of later firmware versions, but if you have older than 1.9.6, you should update to it first. It is also the basic requirement for the 3G modules.

The following video shows how to update firmware. To do so you would need a 2GIG Firmware Update Cable. I would not recommend trying an OTA update if signaling is questionable.

You can use the coverage check tool here to determine the best cellular communicator for your location. AT&T can be found here. Verizon can be found here.


I updated my firmware in the gocontrol and TS1 from version V1.8.4_EN_US to V1.16.0.1_PRODUCTION_EN_US using the USB cable as suggested and that went okay. I have not replaced the G2 communicator card yet and I need to order a G3 replacement. I had trouble getting the gocontrol to register but I think it may be working now after several attempts. Thank you very much for your help. It appears for my address either VZW, AT&T or T-Mobile has full coverage. Is there any advantage or disadvantage of using one over the other vendor? Are all 3 communications module in stock ready to be shipped out?

Thanks you very much for your help

T-mobile does not have 3G cards for 2GIG and is not an option.

AT&T can be found here. Verizon can be found here. When all things are equal we have noticed slightly better signal strength from Verizon, but slightly fewer instances of carrier command delay from AT&T.