Looking for a motion sensor that can activate a switch but won’t trigger an alarm

I have the IQ Panel that can support both PowerG Sensors (915 MHz) and Honeywell/2GIG (345 MHz). I’m looking for a compatible motion sensors that can activate a z-wave switch (Jasco UltraPro) to turn my lights on without triggering the alarm when the system is armed. Is this possible? If so, any recommendations? Looking for either indoor or outdoor.

I was hoping to use my cameras to turn on the lights when they detect motion but I don’t see it as an option when creating automation rules.

Here are couple of examples:

  1. Turn on a kitchen light at only night through a motion sensor (late night snack is important! Lol)
  2. Turn on porch light only at night through a motion sensor so my doorbell can see better, and I can unlock the door with my keys without pulling out my phone/flash light (until I get a smart lock).
  3. Automatically turns off activated lights when no motions are no longer detected after a period of time.


U could use either and indoor or outdoor and program group 25 and then set up automation rule

Ah didn’t know you could select a program group for motion sensor.

I also just learned that you can set the light automation on the video doorbell or any camera when you go to the video recording rules by going to Video > Video Settings > Recording Rule. I was able to set to turn on my front porch light when my doorbell detects a motion at a certain time.

Group 25 if u want to use a motion for that u can it won’t set off a burglar alarm but can be used as a chime only or for notifications

Looks like this may be answered but just confirming that you can use any compatible motion detector and set them as Sensor Group 25 to function as a notification sensor which can trigger automation rules.

Yes, for the doorbell you can add light automation through the recording rule.

Automatically turns off activated lights when no motions are no longer detected after a period of time.

You wouldn’t be able to target lights that are currently on, you could select all lights if you intend for all of them to be off and the command would go to all.

However, you wouldn’t be able to trigger based on a lack of motion. You can turn lights on when motion occurs, for a duration, after which they turn off.