Long time Surety customer, upgrading due to 3G sunset

Seeing that you are now only offering the IQ Panel 4. Any caveats I need to be aware of prior to buying the upgraded panel?

I deliberately held off upgrading since we are mostly home due to the pandemic. Our old IQ Panel decided to die on us today (flashing screen, stuck in boot-up sequence) so I find myself forced to upgrade now.

I am upgrading from a Qolsys 1st gen (bought from Surety, using legacy 319.5MHz sensors).

I only have door/window and motion sensors. Still a Surety customer (since 2015). I know I will have to learn all of the sensors now (since the panel is now dead).

Aside from that minor inconvenience, anything else I should be aware of?

Since I am a current Surety customer, anyway I can keep the same account?

You can safely disregard. I saw my system manager had a link to upgrade to the 2+ panel, so I bought that instead.

Please let me know if there’s anything else I need to know in advanced to perform the panel swap successfully.

The IQ Panel 4 would be the current model. That IQ Panel 2+ product should be redirecting to the IQ Panel 4 as the 2+ was recently discontinued by Qolsys. I’ll check with our IT on that.

They are the same price and compatible with your 319.5 sensors, the IQ Panel 4 is the replacement for the 2+.

I see your order here, you would receive the IQ Panel 4 instead, is that ok?

That is not an issue. Thanks for checking.

Ok, we will go ahead and process that order for an IQ Panel 4.

Once you have the new panel you will just need to swap the IMEI associated with your account by visiting the system manager and selecting the Swap Cellular Module/Panel option.


Panel was received quickly (thank you very much for processing my order as fast as you all did - amazed at the quality of service provided). I noticed that the System Manager asked me about my service choices when updating my IMEI number. Unknowingly, it seems that I selected to have professional monitoring added, under the impression that I had to re-select it. I received an email with my “new” service choices (same as old) showing duplicate professional monitoring charges.

I really didn’t intend on making these changes, but was under the impression that I had to re-select my choice of service.

Can you take a quick look, and see if this can be corrected? (or let me know how I can correct it on my end)

New panel so far appears to be working flawlessly. I did run into a couple of issues programming Z Wave devices, but that was user error on my part. I did not know I had some S2 capable components nor did I know how DSK worked (well versed at it now :slight_smile: )

Lastly, a little feedback to Qolsys on their UI for home automation devices. It would be nice if the UI was updated to see multiple doors/garages showing on the screen (similar to how multiple light switches/outlets show up). I have 2 garage doors, for example, and the one most frequently used is not shown by default (have to swipe down to see its status). If updating this is not possible, then perhaps it would be ideal to allow the user to select the order in which these are shown, instead of defaulting to listing them in the order they were added. That way I can prioritize the first slot to the more frequently used doors, instead of having to swipe through them. These are minor nitpicks though - the UI is a huge step up for me, coming from the 1st gen IQ Panel.

Huge thanks to you and your team again for the great service!


Can you take a quick look, and see if this can be corrected? (or let me know how I can correct it on my end)

Yeah, I’ve got that cleared for you and refunded the monitoring order. Not sure how that occurred, shouldn’t be prompted when you already have monitoring, sounds like a bug. I will have our team look into that!

FYI your system is on test mode with the monitoring station as part of that swap so if you are done with setup, you can turn that off at any time in the System Manager.

Regarding the garage, you should be able to switch those around just by removing the garage that should be second and relearning it, so it is learned after the other.

I’ll push your feedback as a suggestion to Qolsys.


One last issue I see to be running into. Panel appears to be unstable with regards to running automation rules. I’ve recreated my rules (lights on after sunset / auto disarm with user codes on my z wave devices) but the rules do not always seem to trigger.

I’ve already tried recreating deleting the old rules and recreating from scratch. Seems to be hit /miss when triggering.

Any suggestions?

At this time, commands have been sent to resync z-wave devices and run a Z-Wave Network rediscovery. This should help calculate the best pathways for commands. This may take 5-10 minutes to complete.

Afterwards, test for functionality.

Deleting automation rules, then recreating is a good trouble shooting step. Be sure to wait 5 mintues after deleting the rule before recreating it and wait at least 5 minutes after recreating the rule for testing.

Also, any rules that involve Sunrise/Sunset may take 24 hours to fire correctly.