Lock Questions

When I was in my ADC interface yesterday I noticed that under the Security tab, and then Users, it shows my three users with lock access as “All Locks”. However, for all three users, there is a triangle exclamation lock that shows “Garage Entrance Lock Failed”. I’ve used the refresh link there, and it doesn’t change the condition. I’ve tried the lock, and the user codes work, but when I unlock the door, the ADC interface doesn’t show who unlocked the door (although my system disarm rule is followed).

Thoughts on what needs to be done here would be appreciated.


Could you tell me the make and model of the lock in question?

This could be a communication issue. Do you have any repeaters near the lock? Is this something that has happened recently for the first time, or that you have experienced since installing the lock?

The lock is a Schlage BE369. It is only about 20 feet from the panel (with only a half wall in between) and there is also a repeater, although it is about the same distance from the panel, just with no wall at all in between. I haven’t been seeing any zwave communication errors on the panel. As far as whether this is new or not, it appears, based on logs alone, that it was working on the 4th. I’m guessing this because it shows which user unlocked the lock, which is not working now.

We’ve noticed a number of customers reporting issues with the Schlage BE369. The Schlage BE369, (as well as another model) have a number of inconsistency issues. As far as I understand it, firmware may fix the issue, but as of yet most zwave controllers will have issues with this model as status commands are not effectively communicated.

I’ve already looked into the issue with both 2GIG and Alarm.com, but haven’t been able to make much progress in the way of finding a workable solution to the problem.

2GIG’s advice on the matter was basically to try another lock if that’s any indication.

Yes, this is a good indication, if not good customer service on 2gig/ADCs part… Just as some additional data points on this:

I cleared out the lock, removed it from the ZWave network, restored it to defaults so that no user codes worked. I then re-added it to the network. I then set a couple of user codes to work on that lock (in the ADC interface). The two that I set DID get pushed to the lock, despite the fact that the ADC interface doesn’t seem to know that. The ADC interface still shows pending on adding the user codes (under the security-users area) 60 minutes later. So, this indicates to me that at very least the panel and lock are communicating on a level that allows the panel to push the user codes to the lock. Now why the ADC interface doesn’t know this, I can’t say.

BTW – The issue I was having where the interface didn’t show which user code unlocked the door has gone away after I took these steps, so at least something has improved.

Oh and a question to Jay – Do you know if it is possible to upgrade the firmware on these locks without a Nexia bridge and subscription? When I talk to Schlage, they tell me that’s the only way.

I’ll update after the ADC interface eventually errors out, or figures out the user codes are there.

I spoke with both Schlage and Nexia regarding this issue, (we get a number of questions regarding the BE-369) and to directly answer your question, both Schlage and Nexia reported that while it is possible to update the firmware of a BE-469 lock through the method you mentioned, you cannot update the firmware of the BE-369.

Now, this was stated by two supervisors, one at either support center. This appears to be the opposite of what you were informed, so it is difficult to reconcile, of course, but I have to take them at face value.

At this time, I do not personally recommend this model of lock for anything other than a Nexia system (and I cannot speak to its functionality with that system as we do not support Nexia, I just assume it has few issues as it is designed and packaged for use with it.) Alarm.com is working on the integration issues with this model, and I will request an update as to that process, but a large part of the problem may be (given what I was told by the support supervisors) a widely varying group of firmwares with no recourse for upgrading other than buying a new lock.

All that said, one bit of troubleshooting advice that the support centers offered directly was that since the unit operates on both AA and 9v batteries, if one of them is low, (particularly the AA, they mentioned) then the Zwave functionality would see issues as the module may be under-powered. This may be rather obvious and silly, but worth a look.

Jason – Thank you for taking the time to respond in such detail. Funny enough, I did change the AA batteries this morning as it was showing 50% so I just thought it was worth a try. No change that I can tell. I think I’ll be sticking to Yale for locks in the future. I already had a Schlage that was working well (FE599) and didn’t do my research!

As an additional update, the ADC interface still shows the user codes as pending, 4 hours after they started working!

Not a problem at all. And I am not by any means saying the BE-369 is a bad lock, but since even the limited integration it has with 3rd party systems (in this case ADC) is seeing this much inconsistent function, it is difficult to recommend it when our whole purpose is to capitalize on that integration.