Lock alert- "End of Low Battery"

This alert keeps occurring on the locks setup in this system. Can you please give some advise as how to remedy this issue.

Looks like the locks are not labeled in ADC, but the two where I see a few events in history pertaining to this are Node ID 29 and 32.

First thing to consider, have the batteries actually been replaced in these locks? If not, how long have they been installed? Depending on usage, batteries may last between 6 months and a year typically. They may just be borderline low. Does replacing them resolve this?

I’m also seeing a lot of malfunctions on Z-wave devices, looks to all be switches, so there may be communication issues going on in the network. Are you currently working on the network?

Currently not working on system. Just curios for the purpose of this End of Low Battery message. The lock devices still show in excess of 50% battery. The malfunctioning devices are disconnected switches from xmas lights.

Keep in mind that removing a Z-wave device does not only affect that device. It affects the communication capability of the network and nearby nodes because Z-wave devices function in a mesh network. If your locks used any switches as a repeater in a communication path and those switches suddenly cease to communicate there will be a lot of issues in the network. End of low battery reports are coming directly from your system. Missed/delayed status, failed commands, etc. can result in incorrect status. That is the first thing to resolve if swapping batteries shows no success.

To give an idea of the impact, your system is reporting half as many failed messages due to failed routes as it shows successful ones, and you want to see failed messages as close to 0 as possible. The total failures in this case is extremely high.

Are the switches plug-in modules? Typically you do not want to power off and removed repeating Z-wave devices from the network, just unplug the lights they are connected to.

I’ve sent a Network Rediscovery to see if remapped routes helps at all.