Linear WS15z5-1

I have a bunch of linear switches but its been a while since I have installed them… I have a new one which I am putting in my garage but I have two existing switches, wired 3-way with a traveler wire. Can I use the linear (WS15z5-1) switch and keep the other existing 3 way switch or do I have to get the WT00Z-1 to still have 2 switches in the garage?

Thanks guys.

Happy to help! You cannot use standard switches in a 3-Way configuration with the Linear WS15z5-1. To make a 3 way switch, the WT00Z-1 would be needed at the other switch location.

Any zwave switch you guys know of that I can use in conjunction with a standard 3 way switch?

I’m not aware of any that are officially compatible with and compatible panels.

There’s at least one that says it will work with dumb switches if a neutral wire is available. (Inovelli is the maker) I could not confirm whether this would work with the panel though.

I have a Zooz brand 3-way smart switch working with a dumb switch. The Zooz works with my IQ2+ panel and ADC.

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