Lights On & Off indicator on App

Do ALL lights have the ability to show on off status on the app?

I recall seeing somewhere before that you were limited to the number of lights you could show and there was somewhere you could configure this. I am having difficulty finding the place where you configure the lights to show status. Can you please help?

I believe this is limited to the first 10 lights still. 10 was the limit set to keep panel processing impact to a minimum. I’ll check with ADC if you can customize which lights are selected or if it is just the first 10 listed.

Yes, just double checked and they have added the ability to adjust this. Login to and navigate to emPower. Click Lights. When you hover over each light you can click the edit button. Under each will be a toggle option for light status “Show On/Off”

You can disable ones that are auto-selected and then enable others.