Light Switch inclusion

Trying to replace a bad wall switch with the Jasco/Ge Iris switch from Lowes that I have used before. Switch is working to control the lights, however I am unable to include it into the panel. I removed the panel an placed it next to the switch for a better signal, but no luck. Any advice would be appreciated.

When adding a Z-wave device, you should always use the “Remove Device” command first to clear any network info saved in the device.

Use Remove Device, then perform the pair procedure on the device. The panel will indicate a device on another network was cleared. Then you should be able to add.

Your a life saver that worked, I was getting ready to take the switch back. For some reason I thought you only had to remove a device that had already been added to a system, not a new device. Thanks as always for your expertise and prompt response.

Devices will sometimes be tested by the manufacturer and not cleared. Happy to help.