Leaving panel screen on at all times

I know the instruction manual says this could cause image burn but will it really? How do installers configure this? Let it turn off in 10 minutes or keep it on all the time?

Are you asking how to enable the always on option?


Now, I am asking if anyone leaves their displays on all the time or if installers configure the panel leaving the display on all the time. It would be nice to leave it on all the time but I don’t want to risk image burn in if it’s a real concern…

I don’t leave the screen on all the time. I prefer the screen to turn off so it doesn’t light up the room for no reason. It only takes a tap to turn it back on. It does say “a small percentage” of image ghosting so if you want to leave it on you probably won’t run into ghosting but is there any advantage to leaving it on all the time?

No huge reason for leaving it on all the time other than it looks cool. :slight_smile:

Here is one disadvantage… If you lose power (or have AAA’s in TS1) you will kill your backup power supply quickly if screen always on

Both my main panel and TS1 are set for 5 min backlight

Very good point, thanks!