LDM15 Lamp/Dimmer

Are you only able to set on and off times for the LDM15 Lamp modules through alarm.com? I added a few of these to my panel and everything works, but it seems that I can’t set a rule to actually schedule a time for a lamp to turn on and then turn off.

Yes for time based/sunrise/sunset automation

You can set rules on panel for arming/disarming based rules (e.g., panel alarms, turn on selected lights via selected scenes)

Yes, as far as scheduled rules you would need to use Alarm.com for all of them. The panel rules must be disabled in order to use ADC.

That’s what I figured, but I thought maybe I was missing something since I’m still new to setting up a 2gig panel.

Thanks for the quick response!

Just an update. I was able to somewhat automate these as I wait for contract to end. I followed the instructions on how to trigger zwave lights using the keyfob (key 4), but instead of using ADC (since I don’t have it yet), I set it up using the rules on the panel (non-responsive contact open and non-responsive contact closed). Worked like a charm!

Very nice. Yes, many trigger rules that would otherwise be saved at the panel when created with ADC can be done at the panel if you turn remote access off and enable local rules. You will just need to recreate the rule quick in Alarm.com if you switch.