LAN Card

When I put in an install last weekend with two SP1s, I noticed a greyed out wired option for networking. Low and behold, there’s an Ethernet card for the GC3. 2GIG said it’s only for the GC3 itself, but the SP1 has the same daughter card system and I imagine would work as well. I don’t think the part is quite yet available.

A similar post is found here.

Model 2GIG-LAN-GC3

Ahh. Sorry I missed that thread. Anyway, I was just confirming that the SP1 has the same card system and should be able to use that NIC.

That’s likely as the SP1 also shares firmware.

Oh, I didn’t realize that. You can take the same 3.1.2 firmware to update the SP1s? The SP1s are very new an probably have at least 3.1. We’ll have to check our installs.