Issues with z-wave


Having issue with one of my thermostats. I had to re-set it to default when troubleshooting, but turned out to be unit issue. Now when trying to add it to my Concord 4 controller (holing the pairing Botton) thermostats is not pairing as expected. Looking though logs it connected, but after shows “Malfunction (Thermostat (ID:11))” and “Malfunction (1st Fl A/C)”. Please advise best path forward.


How far away is the thermostat from the Concord module when you are attempting to learn it back in?

What model of thermostat are you using?

Its directly on top it. It was working in past (almost 6 month, or more). the only reason I reset it was because I had issue with cooling system, and I wanted to rule out thermostats. Its t2000

Have you fully power cycled the Thermostat and the Concord Panel and Module?

If not, try removing the Tstat, reset the Tstat, then power cycle the Concord panel and module. Unplug the transformer first, then unplug the backup battery. Wait a minute, then plug in battery and transformer.

Any change in behavior after learning again?

Just performed the steps above, looks like same issue.

I did notice the following in the automation devices.

I have to units showing “Malfunction” One of them named 1st Fl A/C the other one is Thermostat (ID:11). Total amount of thermostated exceeds by 1. I wonder if there is a conflict since its the same one?? How do I resolve that, im hoping thats the trick.

Oh, and now I have thermostat number 8 for total of 2 extra, with id Thermostat (ID:12). :slight_smile: Also Malfunction.

Any way you can remove them?

Hmm, yes, that would likely cause an issue if your controller has multiple duplicate versions of the Tstat node.

We can send a remote delete command but the device would need to be unreachable by the panel in order for these commands to be successful.

That said, it looks like those phantom nodes have been deleted already actually. Are you still experiencing this issue?